The Major Medical Health Insurance Exchange provides NAR members with access to qualified (ACA) major medical insurance plans.

Open Enrollment is on now and runs from November 1st to December 15th for 2020 major medical coverage. This is the time when you can change or enroll in an individual major medical qualified health plan (QHP) for any reason regardless of pre-existing conditions. Through the Members Health Insurance Exchange you can research health insurance information, obtain quotes, compare plans and purchase directly online.

Complimentary consultative services are a key part of the benefits available to NAR members and this service is available year-round. If you have questions and need assistance with your major medical coverage, licensed enrollment specialists can help you find solutions. Call 1-877-267-3752.

Interested in rounding out your coverage? Ask us about group dental and vision plans, and other supplementary plans designed just for members.

Association Health Plans: NAR is currently researching the challenges and opportunities for association health plans. As this work continues, REALTORS® Insurance Marketplace is here to help you with solutions available in today’s current environment.

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