Flexible Term Health Insurance (also known as Short Term)  is designed to be an affordable medical policy which can last from 30 days to 364 days.

Flexible plan highlights:

      • Typically lower in cost than traditional individual major medical plans
      • Qualification for coverage consists of only a few questions and is issued instantly, based on approval
      • Next day coverage available if approved
      • Select a specific number of days for coverage or choose a monthly plan option
      • Many plan designs available (select your deductible and coinsurance options)
      • Freedom to choose any provider (any doctor, hospital, specialty)

These plans are great for those who are:

  • Self-employed or small business owners
  • Without insurance and need coverage quickly, or waiting for other coverage to be approved
  • Waiting for Open Enrollment to begin
  • Between jobs or laid off, or in need of alternatives to  COBRA continuation
  • Recent college graduates
  • Temporary or seasonal employees
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