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7 Things to Know When Shopping for Health Insurance

https://www.ehealthinsurance.com/resource-center/affordable-care-act/seven-things-know-health-insurance-shopping Posted January 14, 2015 From eHealth:   Are you going to be shopping for health insurance this open enrollment? Well here are 7 things you need to know when shopping for health insurance.   In an effort to help health insurance shoppers navigate their way through open enrollment, we’ve prepared our list of the […]

7 reasons to shop for insurance rather than auto-renew

Original Article: http://eba.benefitnews.com/gallery/eba/7-reasons-to-shop-for-insurance-rather-than-auto-renew-2745427-1.html Although some people who signed up for health insurance via the federally facilitated exchange, Healthcare.gov, can automatically renew their plan, that might not be best choice. Privately owned HealthCare.com offers seven reasons why everyone should re-evaluate their current health insurance coverage and weigh it against other options: Current rates might change Some premium […]